Top 5 trends from 2017 still hot for 2018

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5. Grey and Gold 

I am crushing hard on the mix of grey and gold. A lot of people would say that grey can be cold and uninviting however, when you layer in the warmth from the gold accents it leaves you feeling cozy and at home. 

4. Geometric Wallpaper

This is not your grandma's wallpaper! Geometric wallpaper is an exciting way to set your home apart from everyone else's. It add a ton of depth and dimension to any room. If you are hesitant of wallpaper, try it out on an accent wall or in a small powder bath. You will be amazed how something so simple packs a big punch.

3. Freestanding Tubs

Say goodbye to the sunken tub from the 70's and hello to the freestanding fabulousness of todays modern bathroom. Freestanding tubs have such a clean feel and who doesn't want to feel clean in the bathroom.

2. Statement Chandeliers

Housing these days are mainly in two categories. 1. Older or 2. New Construction. Either way, neither builders not older home generally have the best lighting for you to choose. You will be pleasantly surprised when you decide to take a leap of faith on that special light fixture you have been eyeballing. 

1. Deep Blue Color

Dive in to the deep blue home! I am overly in love with navy, royal and cobalt blues. It's such a fresh take on a traditional color. Why I can't get enough of blue is because so many colors compliment blue when designing your home. Weather you want that Ralph Lauren feel or Modern home, blue is a great color to start with.

Sit Back and Relax

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Growing up I had a good time playing around in my dad's recliner, when he wasn't sleeping in it like Jeff Garlin from The Goldbergs. Gone are the bulky eye-sores of old. Today I want to show you how far the recliner has come. Say hello to the new, sleek and sexy recliners.

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Kitchen Remodel in 16 Instagram Pics

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A kitchen remodel is a lot of work and can cause a load of stress however, when it's all over it is totally worth it. If you are looking to sell your home remodeling your kitchen can raise the value of your home! Cha-Ching!Here are 16 instagram photos from my own kitchen remodel journey. Enjoy!

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Modern Design in an Ancient City

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While traveling through China, I was in awe of how modern everything felt. Even the Dongchen district,  one of the older parts of the city, was very modern. I noticed that even the architectural details on these thousand-year-old buildings are what we now consider "modern" details and designs.  

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8 trends back from the 80's

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What's old is new, that's what everyone says. Keep it long enough and it's back in style. Being a baby born in the 80's it's hard for me to think that the 80's is "vintage." Here are some 80's trends that are hot hot hot! 

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