Kitchen Remodel in 16 Instagram Pics

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A kitchen remodel is a lot of work and can cause a load of stress however, when it's all over it is totally worth it. If you are looking to sell your home remodeling your kitchen can raise the value of your home! Cha-Ching!

Here are 16 instagram photos from my own kitchen remodel journey. Enjoy!

First you choose your selections!

Day 2. War Zone .Time to texture!

Day 1. Prep & Demo

Day 4. Dry wall and Popcorn ceiling removed

Day 5. Extend cabinets to the ceiling

Day 6. Bar surround & doors being finished

Day 7. New Doors installed

Day 8. Fresh coat of primer

Day 9. Walls painted & bar stained

Day 10. Painted doors are dry & installed

Day 13. Electrical to brighten the day!

Day 15. Counter Tops are in

Day 16. New appliances installed

Day 17. Hardware installed on cabinet doors.

Day 19. Lime green backsplash! So fun!

Day 21. The final product. I'm in love!!!

Modern Design in an Ancient City

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About a year ago my husband Brad and I took a trip to Asia. While there we spent a week traveling through China. From the first moment we landed in Bejing, our first stop, I was in awe of how modern everything felt. Even our hotel, which was was located in the Dongchen district right next to the Forbidden City,  one of the older parts of the city, was very modern. This district of China contains buildings that are thousands of years old. I noticed that even the architectural details on these building are what we now consider "modern" details and designs.  

This centuries year old stone design on this building is seen in many modern designs from fabrics to wallpaper. Here it is shown in decorative tile in a modern master bath. 

On the top of many temples you would see a row of dragons and animals to show the importance of the buildings. They reminded me a lot of Jonathan Adler modern animal statues. 

The underside of this bell tower has such beautiful color. I see a lot of inspiration in the modern bohemian style. This rug is the perfect example of that. 

When you think of China, bamboo lattice comes to mind. Here is an example of modern bamboo inspired dining chairs.

Geometric designs are seen all around China. This was a motif on a 2000 year old bridge. I love how it relates so well with some of these modern wallpapers. 

This motif is known as the "Greek Key". You can see how global the world was millennia ago. I love this design element used as the leading edge to these drapes. 

Our second stop was Xi'an which contains one of the worlds greatest treasures, the Terracotta Army. The warrior's armor reminded me so much of a modern concrete motif you see in the exterior of contemporary architecture. 

Foo dogs are another great traditional Chinese sculpture you now see in modern day decor.

The huge tacks on these door into the forbidden city remind me so much of the nail head craze that many designers love today. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip half way around the world and you too can take modern inspiration from these ancient cities. 

Brighten your room with the perfect Lamp

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Sometimes the most forgotten item in a space is the lighting. Specifically lamps are often the last thing you may thing about. The right lamp for your room makes all the difference. Have you ever walked into a room and said, "WOW"... what you do not realize is that "WOW" factor is created even with the smallest of details, including your lamps.

Here are some of my favorite WOW lamps of the moment:  


I feel like singing now..."This little light of mine, I'm gonna light is shine!" 

Top 5 things I just can't get enough of for August

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5. Grey and Gold 

I am crushing hard on the mix of grey and gold. A lot of people would say that grey can be cold and uninviting however, when you layer in the warmth from the gold accents it leaves you feeling cozy and at home. 

4. Geometric Wallpaper

This is not your grandma's wallpaper! Geometric wallpaper is an exciting way to set your home apart from everyone else's. It add a ton of depth and dimension to any room. If you are hesitant of wallpaper, try it out on an accent wall or in a small powder bath. You will be amazed how something so simple packs a big punch.

3. Freestanding Tubs

Say goodbye to the sunken tub from the 70's and hello to the freestanding fabulousness of todays modern bathroom. Freestanding tubs have such a clean feel and who doesn't want to feel clean in the bathroom.

2. Statement Chandeliers

Housing these days are mainly in two categories. 1. Older or 2. New Construction. Either way, neither builders not older home generally have the best lighting for you to choose. You will be pleasantly surprised when you decide to take a leap of faith on that special light fixture you have been eyeballing. 

1. Deep Blue Color

Dive in to the deep blue home! I am overly in love with navy, royal and cobalt blues. It's such a fresh take on a traditional color. Why I can't get enough of blue is because so many colors compliment blue when designing your home. Weather you want that Ralph Lauren feel or Modern home, blue is a great color to start with.

8 trends back from the 80's

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What's old is new, that's what everyone says. Keep it long enough and it's back in style. Being a baby born in the 80's it's hard for me to think that the 80's is "vintage." Here are some 80's trends that are hot hot hot! 

1. Copper Accents

2. Fur

3. Lacquer

4. Pastel Color Rose

5. Wallpaper

6. Glass Lighting

7. Marble & Gold

8. Interior Plants


Fortunately there is one style that will not come least we hope!


Memphis Style

TREND ALERT: Summer Fun Fabrics

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Right now the trend for homes is to stay neutral with the main pieces then throwing color around the space to make a statement. The beauty in that is you can always have a fresh new look for every season. Here are some fantastic fabrics that can be used for pillows, drapes, bedding and accent furniture to update your home to be summer fun!

Big Living in Small Homes

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I have been fascinated with small homes for some time now. In 2013 I watched the documentary "TINY: A Story About Living Small" and not HGTV has produced a House Hunters show specifically about people hunting for small homes to live in. 

The idea behind wanting to live in these tiny home is to live simpler. Sometimes you can live so simple that you are completely off the grid. Most of these homes are even small enough to hook on to your truck and hauled around the US. 

There is something I envy about these smart little homes:

This mobile structure is under 200 sq ft. Man does it look bigger than that when you see the inside.

This home is 96 sq ft of cozy bliss

This home is 99 sq ft

Enjoy the ride!

Picking the Perfect Neutral Paint Color

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One of the most important things in your home is your wall colors. Not only does it create the backdrop for your interior it is what speaks to everything from your floors, furniture and more.

An easy and safe wall color to choose is your simple neutral, however, the not so simple decision is which neutral to choose. Here are some images to help you make that choice a little...well...simpler!  


Grey is the new beige! It can either be warm or cool and contains many characteristics.

Grey can take a traditional space and make it feel updated.

It is also the background to many modern space.   


If you love the cozy comfort of a traditional space, stick to the beige side of life. 

Don't be afraid to have fun with beige, mix it up in the same room.

Beige can leave your space feeling light and airy. IT also plays very well with natural wood tones and reclaimed wood. 


White is the perfect crisp backdrop for any color to pop in your home!

White has a wonderful way of creating dramatic contrast in your room.

Using white in smaller spaces can make your room feel bright and airy.

Grey vs. Beige vs. White... who is the winner in your book?


Top 5 Design Trends from High Point Market Spring 2015

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High Point market is the premier market in the world for fashion forward home design. With market wrapping up this week, we have some fabulous things to look forward to over the next year for home interiors. Enjoy!

1. Perfectly Pink Accents


2. Dripping in Gold 


3. Tantalizing Teal


4. Fabulous Fur


5.  Sultry Mid Century

Eat - Play - Love what you do this weekend

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1. EAT

Brunch! I love a good brunch and nothing beats a good mimosa. One of my absolutely favorite brunch spots is Bread Winners on McKinney. It's easy to know what you are going to drink (mimosa of course) but what should you eat? No question about it, get the chicken and waffles.


Sometime you just gotta dance so go and get your groove on! It's no secret that the best places to dance are down on Cedar Springs in the gaybrohood. A local favorite is S4 (station 4). I always recommend getting there between 10-10:30pm, grabbing a drink that is entirely too strong and heading upstairs for the drag show. By the time you have had your fill of the show, you make your way downstairs to a packed dance floor. You do you girl!


It is no surprise that my love for this week is House of Cards. Of course I binge watched every episode in 2 days much like 85% of everyone and I must say, I loved it! For the 15% of you who have not binge watched it yet, I will not spoil anything. All I can say is February 2016 can't some soon enough. 

Cheers to your weekend!

TREND ALERT: Are Barn Doors Already Out of Vogue?

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What's old is new! Barn doors in the home are taking the reclaimed look to the max. They are on trend and they are HOT! HOT! HOT! 

Everyone knows I love a touch of nature in a home because it transcends all interior styles from Ralph Lauren to European modern. However, I struggle with Barn Doors in the home because I am afraid it's going to be a super trend... here today, gone in a few years. Remember, the goose with the blue scarf was all the rage back in the day (25 years back). 

There are multiple ways you can use barn doors in a home; you can keep them natural, paint them or make it modern. I have personally done the modern "door on the track" look for a client and I loved it.

 My advise, if you are willing to do the project and put a barn door in to show off you personal aesthetic, I say go for it. Here are some great barn doors I found scouring the web.

Painting your barn doors a color adds a great punch and really shows off your personality. 


Keeping the door natural is a great way to stay true to the natural reclaimed barn door. It looks like it could have been wood from a 100 year old barn.


found on pinterest

Adding windows to your barn door makes it feel more open and allows light to flood into your room.


from one of my design projects

Take inspiration from the barn door trend and modernize it! 


Painting the doors white leave it feeling classic  for any style home. 



Be aware, in a few years you may want to put your normal door back in. But for now, go bold and show your style whether you want a trendy barn door or more standard french door. You do you! 

7 ways to bring red carpet fashion into your home interior

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The Oscars are one of the biggest awards shows of the year! It reminds us how the magic of Hollywood plays a huge role in our lives. One of the highlights of the Oscars is the red carpet! There were some fabulous fashion statements on the red carpet this year and here are some ways you can take that high fashion and put it into your own home. 

Anna Kendrick looks blushing in this gorgeous floor length gown. Use this coral dress as an inspiration to infuse character and a classic style into your room.

Eddie Redmayne shows you how dapper is done in this navy suit. Take color and have fun with it. A painted lacquer chest can add just the splash you need to make your personality shine. 

Forget diamonds, pearls are a girls best friend! Lupita Nyong’o is dripping in pearls and it is sexy. Bring that sexy into your home with pearl bead accents.

Rita Ora is ravishing in classic black and gold. Gold is all the rage with interior designers right now. Pairing gold with black is a sophisticated way to bring high contrast and high fashion into your home. 

David Oyelowo take a risk by wearing this marsala colored suit and it's a success! Marsala is the Pantone color of the year and has received a lot of slack. However, I feel when used properly you can create special moments in your home.

Marion Cotillard shows that a white fabric doesn't mean you are bring! I love a great tone on tone fabric! The easiest way to bring this into your home is with simple yet chic window dressings.

We can not forget about Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka. They blend so beautifully together. Much like in your home, when blending neutrals, be sure to use the entire spectrum. Don't be afraid to mix together grey, cream, white and black. Also, don't be afraid to mix metals, you just may surprise yourself. 

Eat - Play - Love what you do this weekend

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1. Eat. 

From Stampede 66 website

Stampede 66...WOW, I can not say enough about this place! Last weekend, my husband and I had our valentines dinner here and it was fantastic. Stampede 66 is modern Texas cuisine by executive chef Stephan Pyles. When you think about Texas cuisine you may not think of anything, however, Pyles' blends Texas'  cattle rich history and soul food roots with his contemporary spin.

2. Play

Image from Floridian Social blog

Image from Floridian Social blog

I live for a good dinner party. There is no way I would rather spend an evening then playing with a great group of people over to the house. My advise is don't be afraid to host. Many times you see these "pinterest perfect" way's to host a dinner party and it get's you overwhelmed. Ladies and Gents it's not rocket science, and easy way to take the preassure off is to make it a pot luck. Simply put out the APB that you'll be having a fajita bar theme at the house, you cook the chicken and beef (or fish since we are now in lent) and let the sides roll in. Have the fixin's for a good margarita and let everyone bring a bottle of wine. Pot luck's allow you to taste how other people flavor their food and give you the opportunity to try a new wine. Cheers to friends!

3. Love

Love yourself and treat yourself. Take yourself on a date with you and get in touch with how you are feeling. Sometimes it's as simple as going to a movie with yourself, shopping for new clothes, pampering yourself with a haircut and mani pedi, or dive into a good book. The most important thing is to know you are an important person and treat yourself with love and respect. Give yourself time and you do you at some point this weekend!

Cheers to your weekend!

Finally, Ellen is kind of on her Furniture Design Challenge show!

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I really want to like this show, I really do... I need to follow up with my review on Ellen’s Design Challenge. After sitting through three episodes my opinion of the show remain the same …the previews have been relaying too heavily on the few short minutes Ellen is actually on the show.


At Minute 46, in true Ellen fashion, she crashed in with humor, and then it cut to commercial...

Promotional Ad

Ellen has such a huge personality it felt a little overpowering for the tone of the show to date. No one can deny the 7 minutes of Ellen airtime was long awaited.

Here are some Ellen quotes from the show that sum it all up:

  1. “I’m going to surprise them”
  2. “Why would I come on this part?”
  3. “The bad part is the, is the going home part”
  4. “I’ll see ya’ll later…I’m going to do now…goodbye”

And the singular quote that tops the cake:
       5. “Since I have my name on the show  I can change the rules”

All of this aside, the dining room table challenge is my favorite one to date. The last 4 designers in the competition are truly amazing. Their vastly different points of view make for great entertainment. It amazes me how they are able to craft fabulous designs in a mere 3 days. Kudos!

Photo: Stephanie Diani/Getty Image

HGTV Blog 

Jupiter Ascending Movie Review

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Hardcore sci-fi nerds will love it while The 5th Element fanatics will hate it, if you like visual effects you have tons of eye candy (unfortunately, not Magic Mike eye candy), if you love movies for the story you will be left disappointed. Needless to say, this movie is very mixed for me.  

promotional ad

Let's start with the good. The Wachowski's are best known for the critically renown Matrix Trilogy which revolutionized visual effect such as bullet time & CG animation. Many films they have created following The Matrix have had a very strong visual effect presence and Jupiter Ascending does not disappoint. The scenes off planet felt real and were easy to suspend our understanding and beliefs of what is possible. I was convinced that these other planets and parts of space could really exist. Fortunately this was enough for me to nerd-out and enjoy myself.

image from the trailer

The writing was rushed and soft. Much like Cloud Atlas, too much happened to fully enjoy. What differs is that Jupiter Ascending had too much happen in too short a time. I wish that the characters backstories, emotions and history were developed more. Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum gave great performances, Tatum even made roller blading on air look almost believable. I love Eddie Redmayne however, I feel he was the wrong choice for the main antagonist. A Lee Pace style actor would have been perfect for this role.  


The story is your typical & predictable  "damsel in destress who is rescued by a man she is not destined to be with but of course she ends up falling for him and may or may not end up together in the end the story has been told over and over and over again...." We all know how it ends. 


I am angry at the Hollywood for not producing well thought out movies that stimulate the viewer's eyes and mind. Maybe they are afraid that they will invest a lot of money into a movie franchise that will flop like some many others like, The Golden Compass & I am Number Four, which both had decent back stories but were not well received by audiences. For now we are stuck with mindless movies that either entertain us visually or intellectual movies that leave our brain stimulated but not a combination.  

Jupiter Ascending had all of the potential to be an amazing film franchise; the visuals, the actors and The Wachowski's. However, because of the rushed story line, I can not recommend getting overly excited over the movie. My cousin put it best, "I really want to love this move..." as did I, but it left me wanting more. 


Eat - Play - Love what you do this weekend.

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Tonight it's all about you! Go out and eat, 

1. EAT

Photo is from the Meddlesome Moth Website

Grab a beer and Treat your tastebuds this weekend. A great place to do that is The Meddlesome Moth in the Design District in Dallas. They pride themselves a sophisticated environment, bold flavors and tout a full bar and the city’s best beer menu featuring 40 draught beers, two live ales and more than 85 bottles to help us round out our selection. - See more on their Beer Blog. Check it out.


Now that the wine has been flowing and the food consumed, it's party time! We are a month past the "holiday cheer" and the past 30 days have been labeled "hibernation time". Now we can yell at the top of are lungs "YES! THE HOLIDAYS ARE OVER!" It's time to dig through the closets, past the baggy winter clothes, and dust of your party pants. Put on those fancy shoes, it's time to dance! If you are in Dallas head down to It'll Do. This week Brett Johnson is spinning with DJ Redeye opening.  


HBO Promotional Ad

There are so many great shows to watch on TV this time of the year it's hard to prioritize. Sometimes I get choice fatigue and great shows get pushed to the back burner. I have decided to go back and start a show that has huge nods from fans and critics. That show is GIRLS! I am obsessed. There is something great about the no apology approach to the lives of these NYC gals. The humor is dry and the situations have a sense of reality. I love in the very first episode of the series Hannah's parens stop funding her juvenile lifestyle. This resonates with many of todays millennials and the way their parents can baby them. I am looking forward to how this series unfolds!

Cheers to your weekend!

"Living in a material world"

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I am a material guy! What I really mean to say is I love textiles & fabrics. The design nerd is about to come out...  The right textile  adds texture, patterns and color into your home. It is so exciting to find the right fabric for your home. 

I want to share with you some fantastic textiles I ran across today and how they can translate in a relevant way to your home: 

Arbor Home Furniture

Go bold! Don't be afraid of a pattern on a whole piece of furniture and don't worry about stepping outside of your comfort zone, you may just surprise yourself

If patterns aren't your thing, don't fret, solids are a beautiful thing. My favorite kinds of solids are those that have texture to them. What's great about textured fabrics is they add loads of depth to any space.

Color, color, color! I love color. It's great to add a splash here and there around your room to show your flair. Lately there has been a resurgence of upholstered furniture using leather or vinyl. What's great about leather and vinyl is they tend to be more child friendly and easier to clean up.

I hope you find that perfect material to inspire your next design project!