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I ask you to bear with me for a few short minutes as a blog about a blog about blogging is being written. I know, that's so Meta. The best thing about this blogging a blog about blogging is... we have macaroons! Thank you Fancastic TV for being the best blog buddy as we chow down and watch Galavant!

Did you know that most bloggers stop writing within the first three months? I can tell you that I do! This is my second attempt at blogging. Previously I posted 4 things, got frustrated, gave up and never posted again. The biggest problem is that most people on blogs strive for perfection, which we all know is not possible. 

Before starting a blog, you should do your research on how to blog, what to blog and if it was even worth it. I came across author Judy Lee Dunn and her wonderful post Why Most People Quit Blogging: The Princess Syndrome.

Her advice:
    1. Write from the heart
    2. Read once for flow and clarity
    3. Ignore the grammar police & run a spell check
    4. Let it sit for 24 hours, if you can (this will be hard for me)
    5. Hit the "publish" button-with no regrets

Thank you Judy for the advice.

You may also ask the same question many other people have asked, "How do I drive traffic to my blog". One of the best articles in the blogosphere is from Jeff Goins titled How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog and Keep It There

His advice:

1. Write shorter posts & write consistently 
2. Be clever, funny & remarkable
3. Share your content on all forms of social media
4. Leave thoughtful comments on other people's blogs & guest blog
5. Tell stories & write content people want to read

Thank you Jeff for the advice. 

Now I leave you with Meta Pug from That's So Meta tumblr.