Eat - Play - Love what you do this weekend

by Kevin Twitty in ,

1. Eat. 

From Stampede 66 website

Stampede 66...WOW, I can not say enough about this place! Last weekend, my husband and I had our valentines dinner here and it was fantastic. Stampede 66 is modern Texas cuisine by executive chef Stephan Pyles. When you think about Texas cuisine you may not think of anything, however, Pyles' blends Texas'  cattle rich history and soul food roots with his contemporary spin.

2. Play

Image from Floridian Social blog

Image from Floridian Social blog

I live for a good dinner party. There is no way I would rather spend an evening then playing with a great group of people over to the house. My advise is don't be afraid to host. Many times you see these "pinterest perfect" way's to host a dinner party and it get's you overwhelmed. Ladies and Gents it's not rocket science, and easy way to take the preassure off is to make it a pot luck. Simply put out the APB that you'll be having a fajita bar theme at the house, you cook the chicken and beef (or fish since we are now in lent) and let the sides roll in. Have the fixin's for a good margarita and let everyone bring a bottle of wine. Pot luck's allow you to taste how other people flavor their food and give you the opportunity to try a new wine. Cheers to friends!

3. Love

Love yourself and treat yourself. Take yourself on a date with you and get in touch with how you are feeling. Sometimes it's as simple as going to a movie with yourself, shopping for new clothes, pampering yourself with a haircut and mani pedi, or dive into a good book. The most important thing is to know you are an important person and treat yourself with love and respect. Give yourself time and you do you at some point this weekend!

Cheers to your weekend!