Jupiter Ascending Movie Review

by Kevin Twitty in ,

Hardcore sci-fi nerds will love it while The 5th Element fanatics will hate it, if you like visual effects you have tons of eye candy (unfortunately, not Magic Mike eye candy), if you love movies for the story you will be left disappointed. Needless to say, this movie is very mixed for me.  

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Let's start with the good. The Wachowski's are best known for the critically renown Matrix Trilogy which revolutionized visual effect such as bullet time & CG animation. Many films they have created following The Matrix have had a very strong visual effect presence and Jupiter Ascending does not disappoint. The scenes off planet felt real and were easy to suspend our understanding and beliefs of what is possible. I was convinced that these other planets and parts of space could really exist. Fortunately this was enough for me to nerd-out and enjoy myself.

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The writing was rushed and soft. Much like Cloud Atlas, too much happened to fully enjoy. What differs is that Jupiter Ascending had too much happen in too short a time. I wish that the characters backstories, emotions and history were developed more. Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum gave great performances, Tatum even made roller blading on air look almost believable. I love Eddie Redmayne however, I feel he was the wrong choice for the main antagonist. A Lee Pace style actor would have been perfect for this role.  


The story is your typical & predictable  "damsel in destress who is rescued by a man she is not destined to be with but of course she ends up falling for him and may or may not end up together in the end the story has been told over and over and over again...." We all know how it ends. 


I am angry at the Hollywood for not producing well thought out movies that stimulate the viewer's eyes and mind. Maybe they are afraid that they will invest a lot of money into a movie franchise that will flop like some many others like, The Golden Compass & I am Number Four, which both had decent back stories but were not well received by audiences. For now we are stuck with mindless movies that either entertain us visually or intellectual movies that leave our brain stimulated but not a combination.  

Jupiter Ascending had all of the potential to be an amazing film franchise; the visuals, the actors and The Wachowski's. However, because of the rushed story line, I can not recommend getting overly excited over the movie. My cousin put it best, "I really want to love this move..." as did I, but it left me wanting more.