Eat - Play - Love what you do this weekend

by Kevin Twitty in , ,

1. EAT

Brunch! I love a good brunch and nothing beats a good mimosa. One of my absolutely favorite brunch spots is Bread Winners on McKinney. It's easy to know what you are going to drink (mimosa of course) but what should you eat? No question about it, get the chicken and waffles.


Sometime you just gotta dance so go and get your groove on! It's no secret that the best places to dance are down on Cedar Springs in the gaybrohood. A local favorite is S4 (station 4). I always recommend getting there between 10-10:30pm, grabbing a drink that is entirely too strong and heading upstairs for the drag show. By the time you have had your fill of the show, you make your way downstairs to a packed dance floor. You do you girl!


It is no surprise that my love for this week is House of Cards. Of course I binge watched every episode in 2 days much like 85% of everyone and I must say, I loved it! For the 15% of you who have not binge watched it yet, I will not spoil anything. All I can say is February 2016 can't some soon enough. 

Cheers to your weekend!