Portland Oregon based interior designer and decorator Kevin Twitty

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"I believe that design is your personal style. It is the key element that sets the tone to your everyday life. Design wakes up with you in the morning and follows you through the day, all the while setting the stage where your memories are created." - Kevin Twitty

Kevin Twitty

Currently residing in Portland, Oregon, Kevin brings his passion for life into his interior design creations. He fashions original, inspired interiors and shows tremendous ambition and attention to detail in his work. He has an intuitive nature that helps translate a client’s interior design wants and needs into beautiful, functional spaces that serve as the stage to create their memories. What set's Kevin apart from other interior designers is he truly listens to his client's needs. He stays true to their personal style and brings that into every space while challenging them to step outside of their comfort zone to create individual interiors.

You can see global influences in Twitty's designs, which comes from more than textbook memorization. He is a committed globetrotter and most recently, took a year and a half off to pursue his passion for travel. During his time away, he studied design styles from over 50 different cultures around the globe, adding to the unique style he brings to his inspired interiors. 

Twitty's interiors pull inspiration from a broad range of places. He loves classic timeless designs that do not overtake their environment, but complimented and accentuated the natural elements already present.

His favorite design elements are the ones that drastically change your space; proper space planning, special furniture pieces, color, art and accessories.

Twitty received his degree from Stephen F. Austin State University. Following his first semester in he took a job at a small showroom at the Dallas Trade Mart helping with visual displays and continued working there or seven years. He then worked for the award winning IBB Design Fine Furnishing for six years where he grew even more as a designer. Upon his return from backpacking around the world, he took a leap of faith and started his own interior design studio, Kevin Twitty Interiors, LLC. His current works send him across the united states. From Portland, Oregon to Dallas, TX, Kevin Twitty is here to bring your design dreams to life!