New Kelly Wearstler from Lee Jofa Groundworks by Kevin Twitty

Everyone, stop what you are doing and get excited about the new collection of Kelly Wearstler fabrics, leathers, trims, and wallpapers from Lee Jofa Groundworks you will be glad you did!! 


I have been a huge fan of Wearstler for many years now because of her fearless approach to interior design. She is not afraid to think way outside of the box to create some of the most one-of-a-kind designs I have ever seen. Her style dances on the fringes of what the typical everyday client is comfortable with, but that is what makes her so incredible. I often take bits of inspiration from the tenacity of her designs to challenge my own clients to step outside of their comfort zones and challenge their preconceived notions of what design is. Because of her bold and daring designs, I cannot explain to you my excitement for this new collection. Sit back and enjoy the visual beauty! 


What I am swooning over is the unique color ways in this collection. This red and teal number has set the bar for the future of color trends. Another fantastic feature of her new collection is the breath of products in a lot of patterns. 


Tapes and trims are back in style! The best thing about them is how they can add a graphic visual depth to any piece in your home. Kelly's trims have that deconstructed look from familiar patterns. My absolute favorite is the nod to a greek key pattern and the delightful dot tape. 


An up close look at her wallpapers show how fantastic the aesthetic is. Most of the wallpapers in her new collection are wither on a metallic, paper or printed on fine silk. It is some of the most opulent high quality wallpaper on the market today. 


The Ooh La La moment for me is with her new leather hides. They feature a laser cut design with a fantastic depth of color. They have a real classic yet modern flavor to them. It's the perfectly refined look for today's design. 


If bold colors are not your style, their is even fantastic neutrals round off Wearstler's fourth collection with Groundworks. There is for sure something for everyone! If you want to see the new collection with your own eyes, head over to the Kravet | Lee Jofa | Groundworks showroom in Portland, Oregon. It is fabulous.


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