Finally, Ellen is kind of on her Furniture Design Challenge show! / by Kevin Twitty

I really want to like this show, I really do... I need to follow up with my review on Ellen’s Design Challenge. After sitting through three episodes my opinion of the show remain the same…the previews have been relaying too heavily on the few short minutes Ellen is actually on the show.


At Minute 46, in true Ellen fashion, she crashed in with humor, and then it cut to commercial...

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Ellen has such a huge personality it felt a little overpowering for the tone of the show to date. No one can deny the 7 minutes of Ellen airtime was long awaited.

Here are some Ellen quotes from the show that sum it all up:

  1. “I’m going to surprise them”
  2. “Why would I come on this part?”
  3. “The bad part is the, is the going home part”
  4. “I’ll see ya’ll later…I’m going to do now…goodbye”

And the singular quote that tops the cake:
       5. “Since I have my name on the show  I can change the rules”

All of this aside, the dining room table challenge is my favorite one to date. The last 4 designers in the competition are truly amazing. Their vastly different points of view make for great entertainment. It amazes me how they are able to craft fabulous designs in a mere 3 days. Kudos!

Photo: Stephanie Diani/Getty Image