TREND ALERT: Are Barn Doors Already Out of Vogue? / by Kevin Twitty

What's old is new! Barn doors in the home are taking the reclaimed look to the max. They are on trend and they are HOT! HOT! HOT! 

Everyone knows I love a touch of nature in a home because it transcends all interior styles from Ralph Lauren to European modern. However, I struggle with Barn Doors in the home because I am afraid it's going to be a super trend... here today, gone in a few years. Remember, the goose with the blue scarf was all the rage back in the day (25 years back). 

There are multiple ways you can use barn doors in a home; you can keep them natural, paint them or make it modern. I have personally done the modern "door on the track" look for a client and I loved it.

 My advise, if you are willing to do the project and put a barn door in to show off you personal aesthetic, I say go for it. Here are some great barn doors I found scouring the web.

Painting your barn doors a color adds a great punch and really shows off your personality. 


Keeping the door natural is a great way to stay true to the natural reclaimed barn door. It looks like it could have been wood from a 100 year old barn.


found on pinterest

Adding windows to your barn door makes it feel more open and allows light to flood into your room.


from one of my design projects

Take inspiration from the barn door trend and modernize it! 


Painting the doors white leave it feeling classic  for any style home. 



Be aware, in a few years you may want to put your normal door back in. But for now, go bold and show your style whether you want a trendy barn door or more standard french door. You do you!