Sit Back and Relax / by Kevin Twitty

The stuff of nightmares for a designer. :-)

The stuff of nightmares for a designer. :-)

Growing up, I remember my brother and I would play on my father's recliner when he wasn't looking. It was always so much fun to throw ourselves into it as we counted down from three before pulling the lever and yelling, "BAM!" The foot rest would pop out and we pretended to get the bad guy. Once, I wanted to be Evil Knievel, so my brother pulled the chair back as far as he could then let go. I catapulted right out of the chair. I felt like I was flying...well, I was flying...right into the fireplace. I have the scar to prove it. That recliner was the source of a lot of fun time. It was also that quintessential recliner you are thinking of; a medium blue color fabric with a little sheen, overstuffed back cushions and a wooden site handle...classic. 

While I admit to having a good time playing around the recliner, I also have to admit how far the recliner has come! Gone are the bulky eye-sores. Say hello to the new, sleek and sexy recliners. Whether you are looking for modern or traditions, here are my favorite recliner looks of today. 

1. Comfortable Modern 

Modern does not have to be uncomfortable. This recliner by Vanguard Furniture has so much style without sacrificing your tush.  

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 12.38.28 PM.png

2. Mid-Century Modern

Anyone who knows me, I have a special place in my heart for the mid-century style. I always love to infuse a little in spaces that allow it. This Thayer Coggin recliner is everything I love about mid-century modern. 


3. Today's Traditional 

Not everyone in today's world is modern. Today's traditional style keeps true to the comfy look of old, but cleans up that overstuffed style. I love how this Motion Craft recliner has a rolled back accentuated by a classic nailhead detail.

9900SBT Sectional_L3330 Recliner_web.jpg

4. Contemporary 

A truly contemporary recliner is hard to come by, especially since the style lends itself to more rigid lines. The Adele Recliner packs a punch of authentic contemporary flavor.


5. Wing Back

To me, the best thing about a wingback recliner is that it bring height to a room and with so many ceiling heights raising taller and taller, this is a much needed feature for many space. This wing back recliner from Hancock and Moore will hug you and keep you and a good book there for hours.  


6. Tufted

This tufted leather chair would be perfect for a cigar room, library or office. When adding something textured to any room you are adding depth and texture. It can make something plain have a good touch of character. 


7. Transitional

This is the style that bridged modern and traditional. It is by far the safest bet for any design style. Safe doesn't have to mean boring. As you can see here, there is fin interest with a shaped arm and nailhead trim.

9021_9002RKU Sectional_L3920 Recliner_web.jpg