12 indoor plants for people with brown thumbs / by Kevin Twitty

Ask my husband... I am the plant killer. I once killed one of those little stocks of bamboo from Ikea. How does that even happen? I thought they would make it through the apocalypse. I am a huge fan of a really good fake floral or plant, however, while they provide visual texture and a pop of natural color, they do not provide the same benefits as a living plant does. These days, I have gotten a lot better with keeping plants alive, so in honor of all the plant I have quashed in the past, here is my list of Kevin-proof indoor plants! 

Aloe Vera 

This is the super plant! It provides so many goodies to your home like hightening your homes air quality and it is super easy to keep alive. Not to mention, on these sunny days, if you get a little sun-kissed, break off little piece and apply generously. Water once every 3 weeks.


Air Plants

These plants are so fascinating because they don't need soil to survive. They can be displayed in a fun hanging glass container for visual interest. Water every couple of weeks by soaking in room temp tap water for a few minutes, then put them back where you got them.

Air Plant.png


Cacti bring an amazing language of the natural world into the home and while they are not the most child friendly specimen you can remove the spikes so you don't get pricked. Talk about a statement! Water once a week and give the container it's in a little shake.



Probably the most well known indoor plant with ease of care is the succulent. Everyone should have these cute little guys throughout their home. Water once a week and give the container it's in a little shake.


Mother-in-law's Tongue

Also known as a snake plant, the mother-in-law's tongue is often seen in Scandinavian designs since Ikea made it main stream in the States. I love how it brings green and yellow into a room. Wait until soil is completely dry and water once or twice a month.

Mother In Laws Tongue.png

Fiddle Fig

Big and leafy is the name of the fiddle fig's game. It brings great height to a design and a great punch of fun classic style. If the leaves are falling off, you are watering too much or too little. Soil should always be a little moist, so water once a week.

Fiddle Fig.png


Okay, okay, I know I mentioned that I have killed a bamboo, but I had no idea what I was doing in my 20s! Bamboo are super easy to keep alive, just water once every two weeks and you will have a healthy plant. 


Areca Palm

These trees are great for that dramatic look. They are full and leafy with a wide wingspan. I love how palms make me feel like I'm on vacation somewhere! Let soil dry out in between watering. 

Areca Palm.png

Jade Plant

It's like a mini tree packed with a punch! I don't have one of these in my home, but after seeing many photos of them, I think this is my next house plant! Water a little once a week.


Spider Plant

I may have put one of these in every client's home! They have a great saturated natural color and amazing texture. A good deep watering once per week

Spider Plant.jpg

Dracaena Tree

This is my personal favorite. I can't get enough of this tree. It feels so modern and gives me so much life with it's depth and dimension. Thoroughly water once per week.

Dracaena Tree.png


Not only are these easy to keep alive, they smell great and you can use them in a summer cocktail! Not too many cocktails or you'll no longer have a plant. Water every 5 days.