Potty Mouth / by Kevin Twitty

As I was enjoying coffee with a client of mine, we both started laughing about the realization that we talk about toilets entirely too much! Since branching out on my own, the number of remodels and new builds I have been working on has skyrocketed and with that comes a lot of decisions on the perfect throne for their bathrooms. 

Over the past few months I feel like I have become an expert on what is in vogue for the modern toilets of today. Here are some of the really cool features you will see when looking at toilets.

Intelligent Toilets

Have any of you seen that Kohler commercial for their Veil toilet? It's a futuristic party scene with humans and robot mingling. The robots go into the bathroom and are in awe of this toilet that is as sophisticated and advances as they are. Well folks, that is the future of toilets, they are basically mini robots. Every toilet manufacture from Kohler to Toto are coming out with smart toilets. I have seen it first hand after installing one of them in my client's master bath. It is exciting and a little frightening all at the same time.  Here are some of the features of these super intelligent toilets. 

  • Motion-activated, hands-free opening/closing of seat and cove
  • Self-cleaning wand, precision air dryer, and deodorizing filter
  • Bluetooth, radio, and SD card slot to insert your own soundtrack
  • Heated seat warmer with built in 8-color ambient light
  • Touch screen control with magnetic wall mount self charging sation
  • Built in bidet 
Super smart toilet
Kohler Veil toilet

Maybe we should all write letters to Apple to come out with an iToilet, that way it can read our emails, tweets, and texts to us while we sit on our throne. 

Wall Hangers

To Me, the worst part about cleaning a bathroom is having to get down on my hands and knees and clean around the sides and back of a toilet...that's why I ask my husband really nicely to do that for me :-) Wall hanging toilets are the solution to my problem.  The have hit the home design scene fast and furious. I never thought I would say, "Man, that's a sexy toilet," but here we have a super sexy wall hanging toilet from ToTo. Don't tell Brad about these, he will want one so I'll be able to clean the bathroom. 

Toto Wall hanging toilet 

Low Profile Tanks

Like many American, I live in a densely populated city. Urban centers, similar to Portland, OR, have limited space in the home so it is important to utilize the space we do have wisely. Low profile tanks allow for the toilet to take much less footprint height wise allowing for extended countertops or even the coveted storage! Even if you live in a suburban area with plenty of space, low profile toilets have a place in your home's cute powder bath. :-) 

Low profile toilet tank

Built in Night Lights

Let there be light and keep those outlets open on your wall for more important things like phone chargers!  Some of the newer toilets with built in lights will have the added bonus of a carbon deodorizing system and air freshener that will get rid of those odors. 

Toilet with light
Toilet with light

Matte Black Toilets

I paid good money to take out the 1970's brown, blue, and biscuit colored toilets that were in my previous house and now another color is popping up in today's toilet designs, Matte Black. I have to admit, in the right bathroom, this is super chic looking. If you are going for that "on the edge of design" look, this might be right up your ally. 

Modern matte black toilet
Modern matte black toilet

Metallic Toilets - The not-so-trendy toilet

Last, and definitely least, the metallic toilet. I have been seeing some really beautifully done close up shots of brushed chrome toilets which intrigued me so I spent a good hour looking for this illusive brushed chrome toilet used in a design I liked without much success. It turns out that not many designers, if any, are really using metallic toilets. I did, however, find one bathroom that used a metallic toilet, and at the end of the day, I call this want-to-be-trend a bust. My advice, don't do it in your home! However, it could look cool in a commercial space or restaurant.  

Chrome toilet
Chrome toilet
Chrome toilet