Big Living in Small Homes by Kevin Twitty

The idea behind wanting to live in these tiny home is to live simpler. Sometimes you can live so simple that you are completely off the grid. Most of these homes are even small enough to hook on to your truck and hauled around the US. There is something I envy about these smart little homes.

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Finally, Ellen is kind of on her Furniture Design Challenge show! by Kevin Twitty

I really want to like this show, I really do... I need to follow up with my review on Ellen’s Design Challenge. After sitting through three episodes my opinion of the show remain the same…the previews have been relaying too heavily on the few short minutes Ellen is actually on the show.

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Ellen's Design Challenge lacked Ellen by Kevin Twitty

From the moment the show started excitement swirled through my mind, however, about 15 minutes into the show that feeling started to slowly fade as it became apparent that Ellen was not the actual host of the show. 

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