Inspired by Portland, OR by Kevin Twitty

It's no surprise that in a visual profession such as interior design I am influenced and inspired by my constant surroundings in Portland, Oregon. This city is full of history! New styles like modern and industrial blend seamlessly with historic styles like traditional and stately, all while keeping nature's beauty in mind. Today I want to share with you a visual story showing you around the city that inspires me on the daily. 

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Top 5 things I just can't get enough of for Spring by Kevin Twitty

Portland, Oregon had been in full bloom these last few months which has me full of design inspiration! If you are anything like me, pulling inspiration from our surrounding is an everyday affair. Sometimes it's even hard to focus when the weather is beautiful and the buds open up to reveal their beautiful color. Here are five things I just can't get enough of this spring season!

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