Wall Art

Is it okay to have a wall of family photos? by Kevin Twitty

When I decided to tackle the age old question of doing a family photo wall, my gut reaction to the question was much the same as yours would be "Yes...but no." To start, I believe a home is the place you enjoy with the loved ones in your life that you call family; whether that means four-legged fur babies, another human or two, your parents, roommates, best friends, and even memories of places you have traveled.

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Top 5 things I just can't get enough of for Spring by Kevin Twitty

Portland, Oregon had been in full bloom these last few months which has me full of design inspiration! If you are anything like me, pulling inspiration from our surrounding is an everyday affair. Sometimes it's even hard to focus when the weather is beautiful and the buds open up to reveal their beautiful color. Here are five things I just can't get enough of this spring season!

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