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Eat - Play - Love what you do this weekend. by Kevin Twitty

I don't know about you but I feel most of us ask "what are we going to do this weekend?" and most respond with ". . ."  With so much going on these days it's easy to get overloaded to the point where we want to give up and forget about trying to do anything at all. Sometimes we all need a night in doing nothing, but today is not that day! Get up! Get out! Eat. Play. Love.  

The three things I love doing most in life are eating, playing and loving things! Here are my suggestions on what to do this weekend:

1. EAT

Photo courtesy OSO Food & WIne Website

Photo courtesy OSO Food & WIne Website



Step outside of your comfort zone and try a new restaurant this weekend. Tonight a few friends and I are going to try something new and eat at OSO Food & Wine, a Mediterranean restaurant I ran across on Dallas Eaters, "The Hottest Restaurants in Dallas Right Now, January 2015." I'll be sure to write up a full review after our experience. 


photo courtesy of  Milsims games

photo courtesy of Milsims games

This is where my nerdy side comes to life! On any given weekend there is nothing better then a board game with friends or family. My board game pick is Castle Panic by Fireside Games.  What I love most about the game is you're working together rather than fighting against each other. Of course there is a single victor, however, if the castle remains standing, everyone is a winner!


One of the greatest gifts in life is that we get to love things! One of the things I am completely in love with right now is vintage shopping. I ran across this fantastic hidden gem, Vieux, in Richardson, TX. They have a fantastic selection of vintage jewelry, lighting, furniture, art and accessories. It is definitely worth a look!

Cheers to your weekend!