design inspiration

Using a Mood Board for an Office Makeover by Kevin Twitty

In the designs I create, my goal is to always bring to life a feeling that reflects the client's personal style. To help me convey this feeling to clients, I make mood boards. I have found it to be the easiest way to visually show my clients how everything in the design is going to talk to one another.

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Color Crush: Shades of Pink by Kevin Twitty

Pink is in the house! I haven't seen an interior color trend take over so quickly since shades of grey and I have to admit, I am on board! Shades of pink even made me Top 5 things I just can't get enough of for Spring. Here are some of my favorite examples of pink being used in todays interiors.

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Designs for Dog Lovers by Kevin Twitty

When you are dog parent, you turn into another being when interacting with your pups; making weird voice, noises, and acting a fool (or normal as I like to call it). Here are some fun ways other crazy dog lovers have kept pets in mind when designing different areas of their homes. 

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