meddlesome moth

Eat - Play - Love what you do this weekend. by Kevin Twitty

Tonight it's all about you! Go out and eat, 

1. EAT

Photo is from the Meddlesome Moth Website

Grab a beer and Treat your tastebuds this weekend. A great place to do that is The Meddlesome Moth in the Design District in Dallas. They pride themselves a sophisticated environment, bold flavors and tout a full bar and the city’s best beer menu featuring 40 draught beers, two live ales and more than 85 bottles to help us round out our selection. - See more on their Beer Blog. Check it out.


Now that the wine has been flowing and the food consumed, it's party time! We are a month past the "holiday cheer" and the past 30 days have been labeled "hibernation time". Now we can yell at the top of are lungs "YES! THE HOLIDAYS ARE OVER!" It's time to dig through the closets, past the baggy winter clothes, and dust of your party pants. Put on those fancy shoes, it's time to dance! If you are in Dallas head down to It'll Do. This week Brett Johnson is spinning with DJ Redeye opening.  


HBO Promotional Ad

There are so many great shows to watch on TV this time of the year it's hard to prioritize. Sometimes I get choice fatigue and great shows get pushed to the back burner. I have decided to go back and start a show that has huge nods from fans and critics. That show is GIRLS! I am obsessed. There is something great about the no apology approach to the lives of these NYC gals. The humor is dry and the situations have a sense of reality. I love in the very first episode of the series Hannah's parens stop funding her juvenile lifestyle. This resonates with many of todays millennials and the way their parents can baby them. I am looking forward to how this series unfolds!

Cheers to your weekend!