"What can I say about Kevin other than he is amazing! I have worked with him on several rooms in my home and I can honestly say that he exceeds my expectations every single time. He listens attentively in an effort to understand his clients needs, wants and desires and delivers a quality product. Kevin has challenged me to step outside my comfort zone of plain traditional and has exposed me to a world of fabulous design concepts that are rich in color, quality and style. I have enjoyed working with him and look forward to our next project. If you're looking for a designer who is talented, genuine, trustworthy, fun and client focused than look no further." - Elonda, Frisco, Texas

"We have known Kevin for over two years. We were in need for a major remodeling of our 15 year old house. It was a traditional house with no changes since we built it. We liked our house, but were looking for a change. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted, and we had some appetite for trying something new. Kevin listened to us patiently. He then brought forward great ideas. He really understood what would look good in our house. He struck a really good balance between when and how much to push his ideas, and when to stop. He demonstrated an exceptionally good attitude and was a pleasure to work with. He had great knowledge of various interior design options. He instinctively understood what would look good in a space, and presented the design well. Our house looks different, and we love it. We are building a second house now, and we have asked Kevin to be the designer for this house too. We trust him completely that he will make the interiors of our new house look as exceptional if not better than our current house." - Archana, Flower Mound, TX

"Kevin took my room from feeling drab to absolutely stunning. His vision and passion for what he does is amazing and so much fun to see unfold before you when it is your room. Not only did we pick out furniture but he did all the art including lamps mirrors pillows and a gorgeous blue cow hide rug to pull it all together. Kevin is wonderful, he is quick to respond and wonderful to work with." - Jenny, Frisco, Texas

"I brought pictures to Kevin to give him an idea of what we wanted in our home and he quickly found the exact pieces we were looking for. He has a great eye for mixing patterns and colors in a playful, yet sophisticated way. Kevin made every aspect of designing our living room a fun process! We look forward to working with him on other projects in our home." - Emily, Portland, Oregon

"Kevin has been tremendously helpful in coordinating and selecting furniture and accessories for our home. His quick eye for fashion and understanding our individual style has given our home a unique flair. He approaches his projects with great enthusiasm. We enjoy working with him!" - Melanie, Colleyville, Texas

"Kevin was an utmost professional from the beginning. He was so patient with my stress and quickly understood my vision for our place. He was just so wonderful to work with and delivered results which looked fabulous in our home. Tons of friends and neighbors inquired regarding his picks for us! I loved his work and so pleased with the results. Thank you!" - Nida, Dallas, Texas

"Kevin is a delight to work with on projects of any size. He is respectful of client wishes and is conscientious of budgets. He pays attention to customer service details." - Mabrie, Plano, Texas

"I am extremely happy with Kevin's work in my home. My project included moving to a more "modern/transitional" feel from a very "old world" look. He was able to use several of my existing pieces and recover them in fun fabrics to update the rooms while being conscience of my budget. He always gave me at least 3 choices that would work within the room, so I didn't feel like he was making ALL of the decisions. Space planning is a speciality of his....several times I didn't think furniture would fit in a space, but each time it worked beautifully. My favorite room that he completed was our game room. It is fun and funky with comfortable furniture and a modern flair.....it works for kids but doesn't look like a "kid" room. He is a master at accessorizing.....the icing on the cake of any room! He always kept me updated on the status of my project and worked within my budget. One last thought which sets him apart from other designers.....he always came up with an unexpected twist to each room that made it special. Whether it was the paint color, a funky fabric, or some unique art....an eye catching detail that gave the room a WOW.....!" - Kristi, Southlake, Texas

"Kevin was hired to redecorate and revamp our 1 bedroom high-rise condo. He was very innovative in coming up with creative decorating ideas that suited our lifestyle. His communication and flexibility was an intricate part of the end result." - Lori, Portland, Oregon

"Enjoyed every moment working with Kevin! He is extremely attentive and skilled at decoding my all over the board questions and visions! He brings life, energy and excitement to creating beautiful spaces. I appreciate his hard work, talent and new friendship!" - Dana, Portland, Oregon

"Kevin is an absolute joy to be around! Not only is he very talented as a designer, he is genuinely a nice person. Kevin has an eye for detail, and can help you see a room's true potential. Where as some designers would want to start all over, Kevin knows how to incorporate your existing furnishings with the new to give your space an updated look for today. He helped my husband and me select furnishings for our new home, and also accessorized our family room. He is understanding of your budget, and welcomes the idea to take projects in stages to accommodate that budget. We are very happy with Kevin, and will continue to have him help make our house a home." - Rachel, Flower Mound, TX

"Kevin was a great help to my wife and I in as we tried to furnish our first standalone home north of Dallas after many years of apartment living in San Francisco. He spent the time to get a good understanding of our style, asking many questions to find our points of agreement, points of difference, and opportunities for flights of fancy that might really allow us to put our own stamp on our decor. He provided a wide array of options that we were able to quickly winnow down to a reasonable decision set before making our final choices. In a couple of cases, he was able to quickly react to new information with a creative new choice that really capped off the rooms. Ultimately, we were very happy with his ideas and follow-through, and plan to work with him again to complete the house." - David, Dallas, Texas

"I hired Kevin Twitty to help me decorate our house. He is very friendly, professional, talented and an awesome designer. He is very knowledgeable in his field and tries to work with his clients' taste and need. I highly recommend him."  - Sabeen, McKinney, Texas

"Kevin is awesome. Creative and so easy to work with. Kevin is so flexible and really listens to his clients. I would highly recommend Kevin!!!!" - Suzy, Portland, Oregon

"After working with 4 Interior Designers in 4 different moves, I found working with Kevin to be the most fun of all. I found him on Houzz and his projects reflected my taste and the look I was going for. He really listened to what my needs were and the results were everything I hoped for and more. The project consisted of office furnishing, entry way, additional living room furnishing, window coverings and art work for my new town home. Kevin's vision with colors is what first attracted me and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. My husband was also quite satisfied with the results. I still have other projects and final touches that I will have Kevin complete in the near future. I would not hesitate to recommend Kevin to my friends and family." - Belinda, Portland, Oregon

"Kevin has helped us redecorate our family room, living room, breakfast room, dining room and foyer. My husband and I hired Kevin to help transform our home into a more transitional decor. Kevin did an amazing job casting his vision for our home. We have just completed several phases of redecorating and I am so happy with the end product! Our cobalt blue, yellow and white dining room has received MANY compliments. I love my metal top round kitchen table and all our new artwork pieces are amazing! Kevin is very personable and a joy to have in our home. He is knowledgeable about design and has a great eye for color and fabrics." - Betsy, Colleyville, Texas

"We completed our new house construction in early 2013. We initially went to Kevin for some ideas on living room furniture and quickly realized his talents extended far beyond furniture selection. He has since guided us on almost every aspect of finishing our build from selecting interior and exterior finishes to flooring selection and design. Kevin has a great ability to understand your style and tastes in just a few short minutes of conversation. Almost every idea he has come up with has suited our tastes perfectly and has been incorporated into our home. We could not be happier with his services. He is definitely an "up and comer" in the design community." - Lita, Lake Oswego, Oregon

"Kevin has been tremendously helpful in coordinating and selecting furniture and accessories for our home. His quick eye for fashion and understanding our individual style has given our home a unique flair. He approaches his projects with great enthusiasm. We enjoy working with him!" - Melanie, Plano, Texas